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Bigger Than It All (Sep/Oct. 2020 Update)

These months of quarantine have honestly taken a toll on everything thats going on here, but that doesn't mean we're giving up! This may be something big, but God is bigger than it all!


We recently started up the soccer team again, now that some restrictions have lifted. We currently have two teams, 7-10 years and 11-14 years, 24 kids in total! Only the older kids are allowed to play in the league at the moment, and they've truly been giving their all every game! For some of them, it's their first time playing on an actual team, and they've been improving every week! Their record is currently 2-2, and every team that we've face have been taller and bigger than us, but that hasn't stopped them from doing their best! Like I tell them all the time, it doesn't matter that we win or lose. What matters is that we play as a team, play clean, respect others, have a good attitude, and give it our all. And that's what they've been doing every week (mostly :) ). Please keep them in your prayers, that they truly learn these values and walk them out!


During these months, I've been doing in-home tutoring with some kids that are behind in school, and it's been going great! One of the kids, Hernan, barely knew his letters, and now he's reading short sentences all by himself! I honestly cannot be more proud of him. Johan has been doing better and better at understanding his homework, and he's truly showing it! The other kids are struggling a little more with school, but they're working at it! Please keep Hernan, Bairon, Ricardo, Brandon, Victor, and Johan in your prayers!

Ricardo and Brandon Victor Johan


The whole month of October, we did a Backpack-A-Thon, where you could buy a backpack and all of the school supplies that a kid needed. This pandemic has hit a bunch of the families really hard, and many of the kids do not have the materials they need to be able to do their schoolwork. Even with both parents working, it's a struggle. We received several backpacks, but we are still in need of 50 backpacks. Would you be willing to sponsor a kid's education? It only costs $50 to give a child all that he/she needs for school. If you would love to be a part of this, you can donate here! Please be sure to specify what you are giving towards!

(We actually did an Amazon list where you can buy everything and send it directly to our P.O. box, but I found out that you can get everything at Walmart for $25 less. So I've decided to switch it up and make it even more affordable to help a kid!)


We have two more months left of this year, and I know God isn't planning on taking a break soon! Please continue to be in prayer for all of the kids and teens and their parents, that God continues to show up in a mighty way in their lives! I've been praying for a set of parents that didn't want anything to do with church, and now they've been at least 4 times since we re-opened in September! Prayer works!

(L to R) Me, Juan Carlos, Fernando, Cesar, and Alex

"...the prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed fervently that it might not rain, and for three years and six months it did not rain on the earth. Then he prayed again, and heaven gave rain, and the earth bore its fruit." - James 5:16b-18


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