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Our Mission: to help kids and teens see, grow, and walk in the love and worth that they have in Jesus Christ.

See Their Worth

We want every kid and teen to truly see who God is, what He did for them, and what He can do for them today.

Grow In Worth

Not only do we want them to see it, but we want to disciple them so that they truly learn who they are in Jesus and know it for sure.

Walk In Worth

After seeing and growing in this worth, we want to be able to capacitate them to fulfill the callings that God has placed on their lives, no matter what it may be.

Where We Are Reaching

Currently – Tijuana, BC, Mexico. In the future – wherever God leads us.



Why Tijuana, Mexico?: Short answer – That's where God told me to be.


Long answer – Not disregarding that Tijuana is where God has told me to reach out to, I have also learned that Tijuana is such a dark place needing God's love. The kids and teens there have so much desperate need for it, it's undeniable.


Tijuana is one of the more economical states of Mexico, and many families are there for the better pay. Way too many parents are worried so much about money that they work many hours instead of being with their families, specifically their kids. These kids are usually left with a grandparent or home alone, roaming the streets, getting involved with whatever gang or drug that they can. If they don't do any of those things, being neglected has its strong effects, and usually the oldest sibling is forced to take care of the younger ones.


Most of these kids have step-fathers or no fathers at all. The step-fathers are usually not the greatest people, and these kids suffer from physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, or any mix of the four. To top it all off, many parents are drug addicts or alcoholics, and all the money that they do earn goes to their addictions. This too causes neglect or complete abandonment of their kids.


Not all of the kids go through these bad situations, but way too many do, and they need to see that they are worth God's unrelenting love, no matter what has happened in their lives.

Also, I've seen that Tijuana hardly takes an importance to kids: families, churches, schools, and government alike. Like I mentioned above, many parents neglect their kids for work or partying or other addictions and “leave” them with other family members or aquaintances who barely care for them at all. Many churches in Tijuana don't have a children's ministry or even consider it. They think that the kids aren't old enough to where they can truly learn fundamental Bible principles. The teachers at many of the schools don't care if the child is actually learning or not. They usually just pass the struggling and almost failing kids so that they don't have to deal with them, and they go through middle school not even knowing how to read (if they even make it that far.) The government has talked about building more jails and rehab centers because of the rise in crime and drug/alcohol abuse, seeing as many teenagers are leaning towards that route. If the people were to really have a focus on the kids before they made it to that state, then there would be no need for building more jails and rehab centers. If the people really took the time to instill correct values in to the kids and really invest time in them, the idea above probably wouldn't even exist. If God's love was really reaching these kids, they would see their value and not lean towards things that would cover their value up.


That's where Operation: Worth comes in.

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