Please pray

for us!

One way to get involved is by joining us in prayer! Here are several Things that you can pray for:

1. For the community of Terrazas Del Valle to truly see their need for God and turn to Him.


2. For the local church to see the importance of kids ministry and rise up to make a difference in the kids lives.

3. For God to open the Hearts and The minds of the kids to truly know Him and the love and worth they have in Him.


- For Luis, Fernando, and Juan Carlos. I've been discipling them for a few years now, and they all are starting to fall away. Luis and Juan Carlos, who were the most dedicated kids at church, suddenly got jobs and have stopped coming to church, complaining that it's boring and tiring. Fernando is on and off about church, complaining about the same things. They all struggle with discouragement and self-discipline due to their family situations. Please pray that


they come to realize how much they truly need Jesus, that they truly see all that God has done and is doing in their lives so that they'll come back and be involved, and that the passion that they had before to serve God will come back stronger than before. Pray for their parents, too, that they start to encourage their kids and be a part of all that's going on at church and in their kids' lives.

- For this building. The plan in the future is to own this building and make a Christian recreational center for kids and middleschoolers: safe place to play, indoor soccer field, homework help, music and computer classes, etc. I've been talking with the guy who watches the building about what I want to do there, and he's told the owner about me, and good connections have been made. Please pray that we can get together the $2,500 a month for rent and operating costs to be able to make this


dream a reality and to truly bless the kids and people of Terrazas del Valle. Also pray that God moves in the owner's heart and shows him how much of a help and a blessing the center will be to the community to be able to give us a more affordable price. Click here if you would like to be a monthly parter and help this God-sized dream become a reality!

Other Prayer Requests: