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Pray for Understanding (Sep/Oct 2022 Update)

One thing that is heavy on my heart every day is this thought: Are the kids truly understanding everything that we teach them? Are they really getting it? It has constantly been my prayer that they just don't hear what we teach, but truly come to understand what it really means so that they can have real encounters with God and His amazing love for them.


We've been going strong with our classes at the education center! Every day, we Serve them breakfast and lunch, teach them a Bible lesson, and also teach them normal academics, helping them get on track with their grade level or even heling them push their limits and get to higher standards. With all of this, though, my prayer is that the education center can truly represent its name: Refuge of Love. I desire so much for these kids to truly understand that it's all because of the amazing love of Jesus that we're there. If it wasn't for Him, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. I want them to truly come to the understanding that we can truly find refuge in His love, and that there's nothing like it. Please be in prayer with me that God opens the hearts and minds of these kids to come to the complete understanding of how great His love truly is and what it really means to be His child.


We just finish our series on the Holy

Spirit at our Saturday Kids Church! We taught about how the Holy Spirit is our helper always, what He helps us with, and the amazing gifts of the Holy Spirit that He gives us if we choose to draw near to Him. During some of my lessons, there were lots of puzzled looks. The Holy Spirit is a hard topic to tackle, even for adults. I prayed always for the wisest ways to teach these lessons, and God gave them to me, but I feel some of the kids were still left with questions. Please pray that the Holy Spirit can truly illuminate Himself to them and that they can completely comprehend how great of a helper the Holy Spirit is.


In the Secret Agents of Christ, our Kids Discipleship, we finished Level 2 of our curriculum, which is all about God's Provision. During these lessons, there were kids in tears, and so many miracles of God's provision have happened during these weeks (God providing money for my car window and complete transformation in Miguel's feet, to name a couple). Although the kids have seen all of this happen, I have the worry in my mind that what I teach them goes in one ear and out the other. I know I shouldn't worry, but it keeps me prayerful that they don't ever forget these lessons that I taught them. It's so important that we learn to depend on God for all of our needs because He is able to supply them all, but I know it's hard on all of us sometimes. Please pray that these kids don't ever forget that God is their ultimate provider, and as long as they stick with Him, He will never let them go.


One last thing: Christmas is coming! We are doing our Operation: Christmas Wish once again this year! If you would like to bless a child with a gift of their dreams, one that many of them never thought they would ever get, click here to go to the Amazon List and bless a kid this Christmas! Feel free to even go above and beyond and go bigger! Whatever you decide to do, may God bless you so incredibly much for your support for these precious kids!

Also, HUGE shout out to Pastors Jerry and Joy Weinzierl, Abigail M, and all of Grace Christian Church and to Pastor Dan and Renee and everyone at Life Christian Church for allowing me to present at their churches in October all that I do here in Tijuana. It meant more than the world to me, and I am forever grateful for you all.

Miguel, who God healed his flat feet and put arches in his feet in September, and me

"The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue every time." - Psalm 34:19


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