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Pray for Provision (May/June 2022 Update)

In this moment, there is so much need for God's provision. Honestly, there is every day. But right now, things are unfortunately adding up. Not just with the ministry, but in the kids' lives, too.


Bairon and Hernan's family are currently struggling a lot. I was told the other day by Bairon that his dad had to go and pawn something so that they could eat that day. Their family situation is pretty difficult, and it has been for a while. Please lift them up in your prayers: that the kids are safe, that their dad finds a solid job, and that provision comes.


The ministry car just got the transmission fixed on it thanks to an amazing donor, but it still has several things that need fixed on it. It seems like when one thing gets fixed, two more problems surface. I have some missionary friends guiding me through the process on who to go to for mechanic work and things like that, but it's still a struggle. Please pray that the mechanic I'm going to now will do a good, reliable job that will last and that the provision will come to get the suspension, gas pump, and the other things fixed.


We have so many events this summer, and we need your help! One of those events is our 6th Annual Kids Camp, and we are currently in need of $1,860 for our $2,500 goal for summer camp for the kids! We're planning on bringing around 80 kids and staff to camp this year, and we really need sponsors to help us get there! It only costs $30 to sponsor a kid for camp. Please consider the possibility of sponsoring a kid to camp, and do so by clicking here. Any amount is appreciated and is tax-deductible!


I want to give a huge thank you to Home Church Langley and Grace Community Church in B.C., Canada for allowing me the opportunity to share at their churches all that we do and our future plans for the amazing kids of Tijuana. All of the prayers, support, and donations are greatly appreciated, and I cannot thank you all enough for it all. The kids, families, and I are truly grateful, and you all will be continually in my prayers.


Along with our Kids Camp, we also will be doing a missions trip, a spiritual retreat for the teens, and a spiritual retreat for the discipleship kids. If you would like to donate to help any of these events that we'll be having this summer or with anything else that is on your heart, you can do so by clicking here. Again, any amount is greatly appreciated and is tax-deductible! Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. May God continue to bless you all overabundantly.

Los Extremos, our elementary-age and middle school soccer team

"The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food in due season. You open your hand; you satisfy the desire of every living thing." - Psalms 145:15-16


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