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Stepping It Up!! (Sep/Oct 2019 Update)

As you can see, it's way past October 24 when I actually wrote this. A family emergency happened, and I went to be with family for it, pushing this letter way past its original date. I apologize for the tardiness.

God has really been doing some amazing things here these past two months, and so have the kids! I'm truly so proud of them for all of their hard work and effort they've put into everything.


Three kids from our Kids Discipleship program (Fernando, Natalia, and Yucani) have passed the first level of the program! They've truly learned what it means to be saved by Jesus Christ and what that entails for those who believe in Him. They've been equipped with the verses to be able to go out and tell others about the importance of God in our lives and why we need to be saved. Keep them in your prayers, and keep all the kids that are in the program in your prayers, as they continue to grow more and more, becoming more like God and His love every single day!

The kids in the program also earn a new Bible for learning the books of the Bible, and I'd love to bless these kids with some awesome kids study Bibles. Would you like to bless a kid with one? Click the names below to see which Bible each kid wants, and you can buy and send the Bible to:

650 Dennery Rd, #530284 Suite 102, San Diego, CA 92153

Kids In The Kids Discipleship Program:

***Note: A lot of the kids asked for the same Bible, so if you see the same Bible pop up for several of the kids, it's because almost all of them wanted the same one.


Niños Locos Para Cristo is continuing to grow its team more and more. Not just with more kids, but growing spiritually and as leaders, too! Three of the kids on the team have stepped it up and have led praise and worship in our Saturday Kids Church, with even more of them wanting to do so!

Also, the dance team of Niños Locos Para Cristo is getting ready for two big events this December - our Christmas service and the big event with our dance academy in Cala-Fornix Theater! Keep us in your prayers, as we still need a lot of preparation for these events!


As of recent, I have been made the Regional Kids Ministry Director of the Assemblies of God churches in Tecate and parts of Tijuana! I'm so honored to have received this title, and I am so ready to truly bring up the effectiveness of all these churches' kids ministries, as well as bring these kids up in the true way of Christ! These next two years are going to be humongous ones, just wait!


This year, we will not be doing our usual Adopt-A-Gift that we have been doing every Christmas. But, there are some families that could definitely use the help this Christmas for gifts for their kids and just life in general. If you would like to sponsor a family this Christmas, please send an email for more info!


Thank you all for your support and prayers, once again. None of this would happen without people like you who truly sacrifice their time and finances to be able to help these kids truly grow in Christ when they normally wouldn't. Honestly, I cannot thank you all enough. I end this update with this blessing over you all:

"And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus." - Philippians 4:19

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