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A Big End to a Big Year (Nov-Dec 2017 Newsletter)

Wow, these last two months have been so busy, but they were jam-packed with just so much goodness. So much went on that this now 2-month late newsletter is coming out the next year. Sorry about that, once again. Since it is the new year and all, I'd like to give you all a review on how the year ended.


Los Extremos ended their season with a win!! It may have been their only actual win this season, but a lot of them were new to the team and had never been on a team before, so work was needed. They put in the practice, and they were victorious their last game!! We ended the season with 15 kids, almost all of them being new (all the kids in green are new). From these new kids, we've had 5 of them come to church, with 2 of them being constant and bringing siblings along!! My prayer for this team is that these kids not only learn respect for each other and themselves, learn teamwork and hard-work, and that they occupy their time with something beneficial, but that they see God's love through everything we do and that they see that they're truly valuable and worth it and that His love be contagious and move in them like never before. God's moving through these amazing kids!!


The Secret Agents for Christ Club is going great!! We now have 7 kids in the discipleship club, and they are learning a whole lot about the salvation message and how to share that with others!! We're now on Level 2: God's Provision, where the kids are learning key verses about how God truly provides for His children. They then learn to apply it to their lives and live it out!! We're building up true men and women of God!!


Teens United ended this year off with a bang with our end-of-the-year party!! We had 20 of our teens come out (and that wasn't even all of them!!) to my friend's house on the Rosarito beach, and it was definitely something to remember. We had amazing food, great fun, and an awesome time of worship and reflection to end the year. My prayer for these teens is that they stay united, despite their differences, and that they give all of their burdens to God and let Him take care of it. I pray that the teens learn to just fall into God's hands and

embrace the love, security, and peace that they can find there. I pray that they learn to truly seek His face always, not just in the bad times, and realize how vital it is to truly follow the path that God has laid out for them. These teens are going to truly do great things!!

¡Juegos Locos!

Niños Locos Para Cristo ended this year on a great note, too!! We had our attendance go up to a steady 16-20 faithful kids every week!! The kids ended the year learning about the Holy Spirit: who He is, what He does for God's children, and the amazing spiritual gifts that He gives us!! Many of these kids came to a realization how the Holy Spirit is moving in their lives, and some of them were able to see the spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit anointed

them with!! God is really doing some amazing things in these kids, and I pray that God continues to reveal Himself to them in ways that they find unimaginable. I also pray that these kids learn to seek God daily and that it be a lifestyle, not a routine. I pray that they become aware of His presence and His love and that they can see the ways God moves in their lives. I pray that they be a testimony to everyone through everything that they say and do and show God's true love to all.


I was able to serve to over 100 kids weekly this past year, and I couldn't have done it without the prayer and support from all of you. From the summer camps, to outreaches, to the children's home, to the Tecate dump, to the soccer team, the Kids's Club, the teen Bible study, the Kids Praise Team, and the kids discipleship program, these kids lives were truly changed. I can't thank you all enough for your amazing support through it all.

For those of you who don't know, I've been asked to take 6 months out of Tijuana for training purposes. I'll hopefully be able to gain some new skills and build a better financial base during this time, and I'll be back in Tijuana ready to do even bigger and more amazing things this year!! If you'd like to support the ministry financially, whether monthly or one time, you can do so by clicking here!! I'm hoping to be able to send support to the kids and teens in Tijuana so that their activities can still run!! Also,

Once more, thank you for everything, the kids and I couldn't possibly be any more grateful for all that you've done. May God continue to pour out His immense blessings over you all. Please be in prayer with me for the mentioned prayer requests above and for God to move like never-before this year!! Great things are coming!!

"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose." - Romans 8:28

Me and my future sons, Chava and Hector

- Daniel Ratz, founder of Operation: Worth

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