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Los Extremos, or The Extremes, is our soccer team from ages 8-13. This team not only gives the kids a good environment to play in, but it helps them grow in all areas of their lives. The kids are challenged every practice and game to play as a team and build each other up, to do the right thing no matter what, to give it their all on and off the field, to have good attitudes, to give respect, and to have fun. We make Jesus Christ our center of attention, praying and giving Him honor before and after every game and practice.


This team has been a great tool for us as a ministry to get to know the kids and families around Terrazas del Valle and has even been an encouragement for kids to come to church! Over half of our kids at our church are a result of the soccer team! This team really helps them see that no matter how good of a soccer player they are, they can do great things if they give it their all, and that is what matters to God.

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