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We have so many events and projects that we need people to Partner Up with! Would you be one of those amazing people that would #PartnerUp with us and continue to help make change in these kids lives?

We need partners for:

A New Vehicle for the Kids

2002 Explorer.jpeg

The 2002 Ford Explorer that we've currently been using is seeing it's last days, and we need a new vehicle to be able to pick up and take kids home. The majority of the parents don't have a car (or honestly don't care) to take their kids to/from church, soccer, dance, etc, and some of the kids live 15-20 minutes walking distance from church which is a lot for a kid to be walking by himself. We want to be sure that the kids are always safe in every event that we do, and we make sure

of that by going to pick them up instead of them walking by themselves to the various events throughout the week. Please pray that God provides the correct vehicle for us to be able to transport the kids every week. Click here to donate towards a new vehicle for the kids!

Kids Discipleship Missions Trip 2020


Last year, we had 14 people (kids, teens, and adults) go on our first missions trip in our city of Tijuana, and God moved a whole lot! From healings for people on our team, to healings of the people we prayed for, to the amazing turn-outs from the events we did, not only were the people who received changed, but we all were changed, too. God truly did an amazing work in every single one that went on this trip, and we're looking to do it all over again this year. Our trip is

August 17-21, and it will cost $80 a person to go. Will you #PartnerUp with us and sponsor a kid or teen to give them a chance of a lifetime that will impact them and everyone around them forever? Click here to sponsor a kid, teen, or leader!

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