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Garbage Dump Outreach

The kids who live in the dump are a lot like the ones from the children's home - abused, neglected, hurt, and sometimes even abandoned - except these kids have no one to really look after them nor a safe place to stay. Many of these kids have parents who are around, but the parents are too busy working in the dump to actually take care of their kids. Sadly, a grand majority of these parents are drug addicts and spend their money on their addiction rather than finding a better life for them and their kids. Many of the kids are tossed around from relative to family friend since the parents are hardly around, and these kids rarely have any stability in their lives. There is a church there that does do some work with the kids, but they only can do so much.

When we go to the dump, we not only make sure that the kids there have a blast learning about Jesus, but that they find something different in us - God's amazing, relentless love. We do our best to show the kids that they are so important to Him and that it doesn't matter how their life is, that they are still so precious to God. God has huge plans for these kids, and we're ready to show it to them!

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